7 Benefits of Becoming a Bookworm

With Kindle devices allowing us to read on the go without lugging around stacks of books, and book shops still alive and kicking, becoming a bookworm has never been easier.

Besides enabling you to take a much-needed break from technology, the benefits of reading range from enabling you to escape the everyday, to teaching you to embrace the simpler pleasures in life.

Here are some of the top things I love about reading…

1) Embrace the simple pleasures

Curling up under a cozy blanket with a great book and a cup of tea is one of the simplest pleasures I can think of and yet it never fails to bring me joy. Whether it’s a new self-help book, a gripping action, or a swooning romance, novels have the wonderful ability to make you slow down and take a much needed break from the hecticness of modern life.

2) Escape the everyday

Have you ever read a book that is so good that before you know it, a whole day has passed and you’re so completely absorbed that you fail to notice or care? Books have the power to transport you to different worlds, different times and different lives. They allow you to escape your day to day life and step temporarily into another one.

3) Expand your knowledge

When I was younger, all I ever read was fiction. Crime novels, romance novels, action novels…but never non-fiction. As I got older I discovered the world of self-help literature and it opened the door into a whole new genre. It has allowed me to expand my knowledge, deepen my understanding and discover advice that I use to improve my experience of life.

From self-help I branched into other non-fiction literature…true stories of adventure and discovery, books about the past, present and future, books about the world around us. There’s so much out there to be learnt and absorbed that you could spend your whole life reading and not even make a dent in the stacks of books on every topic imaginable.

4) Take a break from technology (mostly)

In modern day life, it’s getting harder and harder to entertain ourselves without technology. We use technology to socialise, to learn, to distract ourselves and then wonder why it is getting harder and harder to take a break from our phones. The great thing about reading is that it gives you a break from all of that. Even Kindle devices are designed so that reading is the main focus.

5) Quieten your mind

Whenever I’m going through a challenging patch in my life, I always turn to reading as a healthy distraction that allows me to focus on something other than the thoughts running through my mind. With reading, you’re forced to focus on one thing completely and so it goes a long way in forcing your mind to slow down and take a break from its constant processing and analysing.

6) Improve your writing

As a writer myself, I’ve found that reading is a brilliant way to improve my work. Reading not only enables you to expand your vocabulary, but it also introduces you to new turns of phrase, new ways to structure your writing, new ways to build description. As the bestselling author Stephen King advises, “If you want to be a writer, you must do two things above all others: read a lot and write a lot.”

7) Unwind before bed

Going on technology before bed is about the worst thing you could do to unwind. As most of us know, the blue light emitted from technology sends a signal to our brains that it’s time to wake up, not go to sleep. Reading, on the other hand, is a great way to unwind and get ourselves nice and sleepy making the process of actually falling asleep a lot quicker.

– Tiger Lily –

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