10 Ways to Get in the Christmas Spirit

Christmas is almost here and what better way to get in the festive spirit than write a blog post on getting into the Christmas spirit!

Let me start out by saying that I’m a big fan of Christmas…the twinkly lights, roast dinners, snuggling under blankets, going for wintry walks, spending time with people you love and of course let us not forget about the presents!

Despite all this, it can sometimes be hard getting into the festive spirit. Maybe it’s because you’re working long hours or feeling down because of the gloomy weather and cold, dark nights. In my case this year it’s because I’m living in Hong Kong and feeling a long way from home.

Whatever the reason, here are some of my top ways of getting into the Christmas spirit!

1) Listen to Christmas music

Maybe this is an obvious one, but listening to Christmas music is a great way to get into the festive spirit. If you’re bored of the usual hits try listening to a jazzy Christmas album or if you’re feeling extra traditional, listen to a choral album which is perfect for a quiet evening in.

2) Christmas wallpaper

No I’m not talking about redecorating your house here…I’m talking about changing your phone wallpaper to a lovely wintry scene. Given how many times people check their phones these days, why not make it a photo that’s going to remind you that it’s Christmas time!

3) Festive snacks

I’m a big fan of the food that gets centre stage whenever it’s Christmas time…roasted chestnuts, toasted marshmallows, mince pies. If there’s ever a time that you need to indulge yourself a little bit more, it’s Christmas time! In my family we usually have an extra special bowl of porridge on Christmas day with a generous drizzling of golden syrup and a dollop of cream and it’s the best breakfast I have all year!

4) Hygge

If you’re never heard of hygge you’re really missing out! The term ‘hygge’ is a Danish concept referring to the special, slow, authentic, cozy moments in life. Sitting in front of a roaring fire with a steaming mug of hot chocolate, playing board games on a Sunday evening with a group of friends, going for a quiet winter’s walk, indulging in a plate of warm mince pies…all very hygge. So light some candles, spend time with people you love and hygge your way into Christmas!

5) Layer up

The best buffer to the cold, wintry weather in the run up to Christmas is layers. So find yourself some thermals, a warm hat and scarf, some gloves, a cozy jumper (or two), a nice big coat (preferably with a hood) and lots of snuggly clothes to wear when you’re relaxing at home and you’ll be nice and cozy in the run up to Christmas.

6) Go for a wintry walk

Growing up on the coast, one of my favourite ways of getting into the Christmas spirit has always been to go for lots of wintry walks. Nothing beats going for a wet and windy beach walk and then snuggling up by a hot fire with a cup of tea.

Since being in Hong Kong, I’ve continued the tradition, trading beach walks for evening city walks to enjoy all the twinkly lights and it definitely has the same effect of helping me get into the festive spirit!

7) Develop Christmas traditions

What’s Christmas without a few well loved traditions? One of my favourite traditions over the last few years has been to start reading ‘Little Women’ on Christmas eve and then continue it through the rest of the Christmas period. Not only is it a lovely cozy read, but the second chapter takes place on Christmas day…what’s more festive than that!

8) Make your own decorations

If you want to get into the festive spirit and as a bonus practice a bit of ‘hygge’, try making your own Christmas decorations. My parents, when they were younger and poorer, made all their own decorations one year and said that it was a particularly Christmassy Christmas because of it. My boyfriend and I did the same this Christmas and made lots of paper snowflakes (which looked more like doilies according to my dad) and it definitely got us into the festive mood!

9) Festive films

Cozy movie nights are a must in the Christmas period and if you want to get really festive, find a few Christmassy films to enjoy. Some of my favourites are: ‘Elf’, ‘The Holiday’, ‘Little Women’ and ‘Home Alone’. Curl up with a hot chocolate and a mince pie and it will feel like Christmas has come early!

10) Spend time with loved ones

Christmas is the season to spend time with the people you love. My boyfriend and I spent an extortionate sum of money on flights home this Christmas despite only having 10 days holiday from work. All in all, we’re going to end up having 5 full days at home so why make the effort? Why not just stay in Hong Kong? Because we want to be with family and friends at Christmas!

So invite some friends over for a little Christmas gathering, call an old friend for a long chat and spend time with your family and your Christmas will feel extra hygge and special.


Merry Christmas!

– Tiger Lily –


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