7 Ways to Make the Most of Alone Time

Every now and again I find that I’m left with a day entirely to myself. Sometimes it’s intentional, and other times it’s because everyone else has plans, but whatever the reason, I’ve been learning to make the best of what my good friend Helen termed ‘me, myself, and I’ time.

For her, ‘me, myself and I’ time involved going out for a meal by herself, going for a long walk by herself, or just having a chilled evening at home by herself. I loved the concept so much that I started doing it too

1) Go on a coffee date with yourself

One of my favourite things to do alone every now and again is go to a cafe, order a coffee and sit there for a few hours with my laptop. During university I’d often catch up on some work (usually reading books and articles online) or go through emails or do something entirely unrelated like write an article or a letter to my grandma.

There’s something so wonderfully indulgent about spending the time by yourself, in a lovely bustling environment, and with a hot drink (usually a chai latte) to hand.

2) Have a pamper session

Another great thing to do when you’ve got some time to yourself is to have a pamper session. For me, this is usually along the lines of having an extra long shower, putting on a face mask, and lathering myself with a lovely smelling body lotion. For another friend it meant putting on a hair mask and watching a film while it soaked in.

Do whatever feels most like a pamper session to you and make the most of the time to give yourself a bit of much needed TLC.

3) Have a solo movie night

Another one of my favourite things to do alone is to have a movie night. Most evenings I’ll usually watch a film or an episode of whatever series I’m hooked on at the time, but every once in a while I’ll make a proper evening of it. I’ll take my time picking a film I know I’ll really enjoy, buy some chocolate, and snuggle up under a blanket to enjoy it all by myself. For my friend Helen, she nearly always does movie nights on her own and loves every moment of it!

4) Cook yourself a special meal

I borrowed this idea from my sister Molly. The queen of making the most of ‘me, myself and I’ time, she often centers a quiet evening at home around cooking herself a special meal. She’ll pick a recipe she’s been wanting to try, enjoy going out and buying the best ingredients, and then take her time to cook the meal with lovely relaxing music in the background. What a great way to make the most of some alone time!

5) Go for a walk

I find that going for a walk in nature is a great way to spend some time reconnecting with yourself. I was fortunate enough to have grown up on the coast in Devon so whenever I’m home I have an abundance of beach and country walks to pick from. There’s something so nice and relaxing about doing a long walk in the fresh air with only your own thoughts and the views around you for company.

I’ve found that doing solo walks in a city can be just as pleasant as well. During university in Bristol, I would often go for walks down to the center or along the river and always enjoyed the time to myself it gave me.

6) Do some window shopping

I find that I actually prefer going shopping alone. Instead of feeling bored going to a shop that your friend has chosen, or feeling bad for dragging your boyfriend around a clothes shop (or often in my case, a book shop) with you, going shopping alone gives you the freedom to actually go where you want to without distractions.

You don’t even have to spend money for it to be enjoyable alone time either. During university, and on a university budget, I would often wander into shops I couldn’t afford to actually buy things in like the White Company but that had so many beautiful things to look at.

7) Sit and read in a park

Another thing I often did alone during university in the summer was go and sit in a park and read my book. Being outside in nature in a quiet spot in the sun with a good book is my idea of heaven and the solitude made it all the more special.

– Tiger Lily –

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