6 Things You Should Know About This Blog

1) I’m no Expert

In the spirit of complete honesty and transparency, the first thing that you should know about this blog is that I’m in no way claiming to be an expert on how to achieve happiness.

This blog will be a place where I share tips and advice that I’ve found have worked well for me and other people I’ve talked to. Many of the tips are inspired by the real experts: self-help books I’ve read, documentaries and videos I’ve watched, and advice given to me by others.

2) Real Life Examples

Another thing you should know about this blog is that I plan to give real life examples of the tips and advice in practice. I tend to think that general, fluffy advice with no grounding in real life isn’t worth reading so I plan to only share things that have worked for me of others and have real-life application.

3) Realistic Advice

Along with advice and tips that are grounded in real-life, I plan to only share advice that is achievable. Self-help books that encourage you to sell all your belongings and live as a nomad as the ultimate route to happiness are unlikely to be possible for most people in their daily lives.

When I’m following other people’s advice, I want to feel like it’s possible for me to achieve. So that’s what I plan to do also.

4) Small Changes

She argues that when it comes to spiritual growth, the pace is slow. That’s just the way it is! So the tips I’ll be giving in this blog, the ones I follow myself, are not based on drastic changes but small ones that when practiced over a long period of time can be very powerful.

When you stop thinking that you have to do it all now, or even in this lifetime, your impatience dissolves into a sweet flow that is the natural rhythm of life – Susan Jeffers

I think that one of the most important things to understand about self-development, self-help, self-improvement – whatever you want to call it – is that change happens very slowly. Susan Jeffers, one of my all time favourite self-help authors explains that spiritual growth is not a destination, but a forever process of learning and growing.

6) Tried and Tested Tips

The final thing you should know about this blog is that all the tips I’m giving are ones I follow myself. Some of them are things I figured out, some were suggested to me by friends and family, some are from books and documentaries and films, but all of them are ones I’ve tried to follow in my own life.

I have no interest in preaching, or giving empty advice that I don’t follow myself. I just want to share some of the tips that work for me and that might work for you also.

– Tiger Lily –

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