What’s in a Name?

‘Tiger Lily’…what does the name mean?

Let me take you back about 18 years to when I was four years old and suffering from a bout of impetigo (for those who don’t know, it’s a highly contagious skin infection that’s common among children).

As my mum was applying lotion to the infected areas, my four year old self apparently claimed understandingly that I had ‘Tiger Lily’. The word, or in actual case, the name, comes from a character in the story of Peter Pan. Clearly remembering the name and muddling it with the condition I had at the time, it made for a funny story and now for a catchy blog name (in my opinion anyway)!

So what’s this blog going to be about?¬†

It’s going to be a blog about self-improvement. About advice I’ve come across, applied to my own life, and found successful in some way. It’s going to be about small things I do that make a real difference to my health, happiness, and general outlook on life. Like doing yoga, or being mindful of what thoughts are running rampant in my mind, or making gratitude a daily part of my routine.

Why write this blog now?

The main reason is that in the last month, my life has been completely uprooted, unsettled and overturned. After three lovely years at University where I met my boyfriend Sasha, made a few really great friends and studied a course I really loved (Sociology in case you wondered), I made the big decision to move to Hong Kong with Sasha and commit to teaching English for a year in a Kindergarten school.

Unsurprisingly, such a massive move away from my home culture, my friends and family, everything I knew basically, has really brought all my self-help learning over the past few years into practice. I’m figuring out how to deal with change, with balancing a demanding job with my life outside of work, with maintaining a healthy and loving relationship through such an unsettled period, and most importantly finding a way to be happy through it all.

Stay tuned

I’ll be posting regular blog posts all about self-improvement with the hope that maybe some of the tips will be able to in some way help others as they have helped me.

— Tiger Lily —

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